Teltrix specializes in providing a range of services to all types of customers:

Call Through - a "through" Dialing Service. This service allows a discount tariff through our access numbers. Use of this service significantly minimizes cell phone expenses within Israel when dialing abroad. To facilitate the use of this service we provides private hardware and applications that can be implanted in the customer's mobile phone (Details in Related Products tab).

call center sevices
forward - pointing Talk services in Israel and abroad by country. This service reduces the cost of the incoming calls when you stay abroad while keeping the Israeli cell phone number and availability of the subscriber, even when using a foreign SIM card. In this service customers can choose a catchy phone number that will be used to refer calls to any personal number the customer chooses world wide. Human and computerized telemarketing services

Fax2Mail : cost-effective service that allows every person to receive faxes directly to his e-mail box. No need to purchase and hold a phone line and fax machine. This service has enormous advantages:

  • Saving paper, ink, binders and of course a fax machine.
  • A personal fax number.
  • Line maintenance savings.
  • Phone line is never busy.
  • Access to received faxes from all over the world via email.
  • No limit on the amount of faxes.
  • Can be used as an archive for documents.
  • The existing fax number can be maintained by "follow up" service.

In addition, a variety of customized services by customer demand.