Customer Services

Teltrix is committed to provide a professional, high quality, fast and reliable customer service. Teltrix keeps its customer service as a number 1 value, as we understand that good service will assist in implementing and wide usage of our solutions. We want you to maximize your saving, and believe you become an ambassador of our company.

Teltrix keeps its other values of fairness, transparency, and reliability in all areas of its operations and most important - undertakes the rules of fair trade. Teltrix commits to tend our client's requests 24 hours a day, and resolving those requests within maximum one business day (and usually much less).

We welcome inquiries, requests or any report regarding issue you might have. We provide help in understanding the world of communication solutions offered by the market and by our company, and how to fit them to each and every one of our customer's needs.

You can contact us via:
Fax: 077-744-1555
Phone: 1-700-700-800

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